Step 1. Buy An Nvidia Shield On Amazon

Step 2a. Go to the Google Play Store and click on the magnifier glass icon on the upper left and search for : "down". The first result should be an orange icon for "Downloader" by Install "Downloader"

Step 2.b. Launch Downloader by and enter the url: You will be prompted by Android to "allow permission"

Step 2c. When you launch FileLinked, enter the code: 79441284 FileLinked allows you access to trusted apps that Google Play won't show because of your particular "program build" that is on your device. For example, Firefox is obviously a trusted program yet Google Play doesn't show it. Nor does it show Chrome!

Stop 2 d. Download DCN Live! There are also other great programs from DCN Live! in this FileLinked group of programs. Then click the right-facing arrow inside the circle to launch DCN.LIVE! You will be prompted to "Allow" FileLinked to install unknown apps. This is a known and trusted app by Then click ESC to go back.

Step 3. Go to and sign up for their monthly TV-over-internet service. For $25 for the first account, and $5 for each additional account, this is one of the best ways to watch television! Usually within 60 minutes, you'll receive an email with your username and password. has some great video tutorials on how to manage your Android Media Streaming Device. They also sell a non-Nvidia device that is pre-loaded with the DCNLive television streaming app.

A special note: If you ever put your Android box into "developer mode", make sure you take it OUT of developer mode as quickly as possible. It's like leaving your back-door unlocked.

The Nvidia Shield (game system, media player) does not come pre-loaded with a browser. If you prefer Firefox, you'll need to first go to the Android Play store and download a program called "Downloader by" Once you've installed "Downloader" you can use it to download Firefox for Android directly from Mozilla/Firefox.

Here is the the url that you'll input into Downloader to manually download Firefox:

Since you are downloading it directly from (Mozilla) Firefox, you'll need to manually check for updates every week or so. The current version of Firefox for Android is 65.0.1

You can check which version of Firefox for Android you have by left-clicking on the three vertical dots, scroll-down to "Settings" and left-click, scroll-down to the bottom title: "Mozilla Firefox - About Firefox, FAQs, feedback" and long-pressing on the title. Then click "About Firefox" and you'll see the version that you have.

As we build out this site, we might (in-the-future) offer the opportunity to sign up to receive an email notification of when there is a new version of Firefox for Android. We are also building another list for people who would like to be notified by email of when Apple has an update for iPhone or Macbook. We've found there is often a delay in the auto-update when a new version of iOS is launched, so an email notification from us might notify you sooner than Apple's current auto-update system.